Wigglies are beings living somewhere deep in space, in the distant galaxy, inside the asteroid belt. They live on asteroids, they have homes on the asteroids, and they have pets; they play games and have fun. The Wigglies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and our main Wigglies are kids, including Lalla, Digby, Ponce, Kikki, Ozzie, and more to come in the later books.

wigglies picnic
Few Wigglies having a picnic on a green asteroid

The Books

Currently, there are plans for multiple Wigglies books, each containing a few stories. These Adventures Books will all be published through Amazon KDP in Kindle eBook and Paperback formats.

Conception and First Drawing

Wigglies are created by Tijana Nikolić Petrović; they started with a simple drawing a few years ago and grew from there into a collection of different characters with stories. The stories are aimed at children, and they feature Wigglies’ homes among the asteroids, their pets and games, and more.

wigglies first version
The first drawing featuring space beings that will become Wigglies